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Anger Management
Conflict Resolution
Addiction Issues


Anger Management
Everybody gets angry. It is a normal human emotion. You can learn how to cope with your anger in an appropriate way in which you do not hurt others or yourself. Now that you know this, how you act when you get angry is your choice.
New Horizons Counseling Services offers you Individual counseling sessions with emphasis on:

  •  Problem Solving Skills
  •  Communication
  •  Responsibility
  •  Self Confidence
  •  Assertiveness skills


New Horizons Counseling Services qualified therapists will help you understand what triggers your anger. You will learn healthier responses or expressions to that anger. You will become skilled at how to remove barriers.

You will not struggle with your anger anymore. Do not allow your anger to take control of your life. The effects of Anger will have negative consequences in dealing with your family, relationships, job, personal health, and the freedom to live a happy life.

The process begins with investigating the nature of your anger.
You must find out what makes you vulnerable and what triggers your anger attacks in the first place.


During the counseling process you will learn to apply techniques to help you grow through your divorce.
You will learn:

  •  Stages of Divorce
  •  Planning for yourself and your future
  •  Overcoming hate and hurt
  •  Coping skills for the stress of divorce/separation

Times have changed. You will have to explore and discover what these changes are and how they affect you and your new life. If you have just separated or divorced, you want to wait a while to take care of your wounds.

You may wonder: is it really worth the effort to get yourself together?
Do not try to go through separation or divorce alone. Divorce recovery counseling sessions will help you understand the issues that you are facing.

New Horizons Counseling Services qualified therapists uncover the foundations for your healing as you re-build your life after your divorce.


Conflict Resolution

New Horizons Counseling Services offers individual counseling sessions to help You learn conflict resolution techniques when feeling:  

  •  Confuse
  •  Stuck
  •  Empty
  •  Without meaning or purpose in life

Applying problem-solving skills to your current circumstances can help you achieve:

  •  Clarity
  •  Focus
  •  Confidence
  •  Have new ideas and strategies
  •  improve quality of life

 Addiction Issues

Our qualified therapists will assist clients in learning:

  • Process of addiction
  • Coping skills
  • Emotional stability
  • Reframing thoughts
  • Stress management
  • Behavior modification

Each client collaborates with their clinical progress in setting goals for their treatment. With findings and goals in mind, the client develops treatment solutions for stabilizing and managing symptoms, healing, and enriching quality of life.


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